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Welcome to our Blog! Here we plan to have short articles about real estate transactions in Port Charlotte, FL, that are of interest to real estate agents, lenders, attorneys, homebuyers, and building contractors. We offer personalized service to each of our clients, which includes protecting ownership and claims to all kinds of properties. Over the years our experience has shown us the importance of real estate titles. You’d be surprised how often we have had the unfortunate experience of finding out that a seller did not actually have the rights or claims for the property in question.

For nearly three decades the team at Florida Abstract & Security Title Corp. has helped clients through the entire real estate purchasing experience. We specialize in title insurance, mortgage documentation, and closing techniques. Our knowledgeable staff is able to keep you informed about all of the latest industry standards, particularly throughout Florida.

We work with first-time homebuyers and business veterans alike. Our goal is to offer you clear solutions that provide you with the confidence you need to move smoothly through your significant real estate investment. To secure your ownership and financial responsibility in your purchase, work with Florida Abstract & Security Title Corp., a leading title company based in Port Charlotte, FL.

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